18th Amendment To Kickoff Concealed Carry From Fratello

Last week, Fratello Cigars announced their Concealed Carry program, which is an exclusive program limited to 75 retailers nationwide that allows their customs to get and try very limited blends from the company. The first of these limited blends is dubbed “18th Amendment”.

Omar De Frias explains, “We want to offer lovers of small batch cigars a rare opportunity to indulge in moments of cigar excellence with these one-time runs.”

The inaugural small batch of only 1000 cans of twelve cigars each, dubbed “18th Amendment,” will
begin shipping to select retailers across the nation on March 27, 2024.

“With the 18th Amendment release, we pay homage to the defiance and resilience of a significant era in history, inviting enthusiasts to savor history with these cigars,” says De Frias.

Fratello Cigars will showcase the 18th Amendment release, along with the full lineup of Fratello
Cigars, including the new Fratello Arlequin Connecticut and the Fratello Pocahontas at Booth #9079
during the PCA 2024 Trade Show.

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