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Avo Expressions 2024 Available April 18

Avo Cigars, have announced that the “Avo Expressions 2024” will begin shipping April 18th. This new release is a collaboration with world-renowned DJ D-NICE. Only 6,900 boxes containing fifteen cigars were created of this exclusive brand.

The Avo Expressions line of cigars was created with the purpose of collaborating with individuals who are true experts in their craft, following in the footsteps of the late Avo Uvezian, the founder of AVO Cigars. Avo Uvezian was a musician and composer, who later in life skillfully channeled his musical genius into the creation of cigars that reflected his creative talents.

The AVO Expressions 2024 draws artistic inspiration from DJ-Nice’s dynamic world of mixing music, through disc jockeying (DJing), echoing the DJ’s skill by crafting a captivating and stimulating journey, with AVO’s expertise in blending and rolling. To capture the innovative spirit of DJ D-Nice’s artistic creation, AVO has added a Bourbon cask aged filler tobacco, to enrich the blend with delightful caramel notes. The toro’s pigtail concludes the harmonious experience and highlights AVO’s elevated level of craftsmanship.

“We are proud to introduce the AVO Expressions Limited Edition 2024. This latest offering is a testament to our brand’s philosophy of marrying the art of cigar making with creative flavor profiles. It is a tribute to the artistic expression and innovation at the heart of AVO Cigars”, stated Edward Simon, CMO at Oettinger Davidoff. “AVO Expressions with its harmonious blend is a must-try, for both long-time fans and new explorers of the AVO Cigars journey.”

Avo Expressions 2024 details

Wrapper: Ecuador
Binder: Mexico
Filler: Dominican Republic & United States

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