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Smoke Night LIVE – Gurkha’s Juan Lopez

On this episode of Smoke Night LIVE Gurkha’s Juan Lopez joins Master Sensei to discuss the Mike Tyson Undisputed Cigar that Gurkha released at this year’s Premium Cigar Association Trade Show in Las Vegas. We will get all the details on how this collaboration came to be and what it was like working with “Iron Mike”.

Showtime: 9PM Eastern 04-05-2024
Episode: 418

Smoke Night LIVE is brought to you by JR Cigar – the world’s largest cigar store. Smoke Night LIVE is also brought to you by Espinosa Premium Cigars. Watch this episode LIVE on the Cigar Dojo Facebook, or YouTube. You can also interact with the show by commenting on the live video feed.

Get ready DOJONATION, Friday night is Smoke Night!

Smoke Night LIVE is the late night live cigar show.

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