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In life, just as in jazz, most notes are planned. But it’s the unplanned notes that make magic. Avo believed, above all, life is to be enjoyed. That opportunity is everywhere. And in every one. That no matter where you are there is a pleasure to be found. A chance to see beyond the ordinary. [...]


AVO Regional West Edition arrives in bright orange packaging, complete with West Coast surfing imagery in the background. The cigars boast a similar blend to their East Regional Edition, however with a few tweaks. The West Edition showcases the same Ecuadorian wrapper, enclosing a Dominican-based binder; but the filler is a mixture of both Dominican [...]


Newest arrival from AVO East Regional Edition comes in beautifully crafted blue boxes, complete with background imagery of the East Coast scenery. These cigars are the more unique shape of the two East & West Editions, being rolled in 6″ x 55 perfecto style format. The blend consists of a dark Ecuadorian wrapper, secured over [...]

AVO Cigars

AVO Classic


Avo’s Classic cigars were originally created by Zino Davidoff for the acclaimed composer, Avo Uvezian, to keep by his piano. Utilizing 5 different Dominican tobaccos grown in the rich Cibao Valley – including one 25-year-aged leaf – are deftly rolled in silky, blonde Ecuadorian Connecticut wrappers. The result is a mild to medium-bodied, creamy smoke [...]

AVO Cigars



The Avo XO cigar is a true work of art featuring a carefully chosen blend of aged Dominican long fillers cloaked with a luxuriously mild Ecuadorian leaf. Its mellow flavor profile is dominated by notes of toasty tobacco, cedar, cocoa, sweet molasses, and charred wood. The slow burn and super-clean draw of this inviting Avo [...]


AVO Syncro Nicaragua Fogata is an ultra-premium cigar from Avo that every cigar aficionado should feature in his or her humidor. This top-rated smoke boasts an Ecuadorian Habano 2000 wrapper, a Mexican San Andrés negro binder, and filler tobaccos from the Dominican Republic and the fertile Estelí and Condega regions of Nicaragua. The cigar manages to [...]


Avo Syncro Nicaragua features a dark, and oily, Ecuadorian Connecticut wrapper a Dominican binder, and aged filler tobaccos from Nicaragua, the Dominican Republic, and Peru. The result is a medium to full bodied smoke with delightful notes of sweet cream, cedar, roasted nuts, and leather. This luxury cigar will easily find a permanent spot in [...]

AVO Cigars

AVO Heritage


Packaged in a box of 20, this AVO cigar is a delicious and well-balanced full-bodied cigar. It uses only the finest Cuban-seed Dominican long fillers to create a smooth and heavy smoke. AVO Heritage uses a special Ecuadorian sun-grown wrapper giving an exceptional flavor with notes of white pepper, cedar, and cocoa. Strength: Full Bodied [...]


The Avo Syncro Ritmo is a stunning line of premium handmade cigars composed of a 5-country blend of binder and filler tobaccos covered with a supple and oily Ecuadorian wrapper. A wonderful addition the famous Avo portfolio, this complex, medium to full body smoke starts with a bold blast of pepper that soon yields to [...]