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Casa Fernandez Cigars

Casa Fernandez Lunatic Habano


Casa Fernandez Lunatic Short RobustoHabano are handmade in Nicaragua and has a recipe of Casa Fernandez’s signatureAganorsaNicaraguan tobacco for the filler. Medium to full body in strength, this captivating stick is chock-full of woodsy and earthy components, cedar, charred wood, and some buttery smooth caramel notes. Strength: Medium-Full Bodied Country: Nicaragua Color: Natural Wrapper Origin: [...]


Apollo Seleccion de Warped cigars are a joint collaboration between Max Fernandez of Casa Fernandez and Kyle Gellis of Warped. The cigars derive their rich, mellow to medium-bodied flavor profile from a premium blend of 100% Criollo and Corojo vintage Nicaraguan tobaccos. This easygoing cigar is brimming with warm and fragrant notes of cashews, subtle [...]