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Don Pepin Garcia-Cuban Classic is the newest member of the Trio of Don Pepin Cigars. This cigar is the first blend made in Garcia’s Factory located in Esteli, Nicaragua. Handmade using a butternut-brown wrapper; these cigars are jam-packed with lush, hearty Nicaraguan tobaccos. The flavor is rich and robust, yet complex and refined. Tasting notes [...]

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Don Pepin Garcia Blue


Don “Pepin” Garcia “Blue Label” has served as the inspiration for the creation and development of our other lines. Handmade using 100% Nicaraguan tobacco, this cigar features an extra-oily, cinnamon-colored Corojo Oscuro wrapper. This is a Full-Bodied cigar with a unique composition and blends where zesty notes of leather and cedar accompany a medley of [...]