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Cigar Brands

HR Signature


Whether you need a cigar for a special evening out or just a relaxing smoke at the end of the day, the H.R. Signature cigar is the ultimate premium handmade partner! Boasting a rich cuisine of both dark and sweet flavors, the HR Signature employs expert construction so every smoking experience is smooth and balanced. [...]

Cigar Brands

HR Blue


The H.R. Blue looks like pure elegance but has a powerhouse profile unlike any other, making this complex beauty the perfect full-bodied special occasion smoke. Aromatic, flavorful, and bold as can be, anyone who lights up this peppery cigar is bound to be the center of attention. Strength: Full Bodied Country: Nicaragua Wrapper Origin: Ecuadorian [...]

Cigar Brands

HR Claro


The H.R. Claro is as complex as it is balanced, as peppery as it is creamy, and as relaxing as it is invigorating! There’s truly something for every kind of cigar fan in this slow burner, with a bold full-bodied finish, unlike any other premium stick. Stock up now as these smokes are guaranteed to go [...]