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ACID Cigars

ACID Krush Green


The Acid Krush Candela cigar pairs a gorgeous green Candela leaf over the one-of-a-kind aromatic infused Nicaraguan tobaccos that Acid fans have come to love. Mellow to medium in body, radically delicious, and satisfyingly sweet. Get yours now! Strength: Mild-Medium Bodied Shape: Cigarillo Size: 4 x 32 Country: Nicaragua Color: Claro Flavor: Infused Wrapper Origin: Not [...]

Arturo Fuente Cigars

Arturo Fuente Cubanitos Tin


Arturo Fuente Cubanitos cigars have all that great Fuente quality wrapped into a small cigarillo with the same smooth medium-bodied taste of their regular line. Each wrapper is guaranteed to been aged to 10 years. This cigar is perfect with coffee, lunch breaks, half-times or whenever you have the time to enjoy a short flavorful smoke. Strength: [...]


The Camacho Connecticut’s smooth, well-balanced combines mix earthy hints of nuts and cedar with touches of pepperiness and citrus. The result is a full-flavor experience that is accompanied by a pleasantly medium strength, creating a truly creamy and enjoyable experience. It’s truly the perfect cigar to light up any time of day. If you’re craving [...]


One of the world’s only 100% authentic Corojo cigars, this top-rated stick is cultivated from genuine Corojo seeds straight from the fertile Jamastran Valley of Honduras. Crafted using the same premium fillers and wrappers, Machitos are small 4 x 32 cigarillos that pack the same punch as their bigger cousins, presented in a quick stogy- [...]


A pint-sized medium-bodied smoke packed with distinctive Camacho flavor, Criollo Machitos feature Honduran Criollo, and Dominican Piloto Cubano filler, a Corojo binder, and a rare vintage Criollo 98’ wrapper. These tasty 4 x 32 cigarillos offer the perfect way to get your Camacho fix when you don’t have time to smoke a big cigar. Strength: [...]


Cohiba goes full-tilt, full body and leaves the DR behind to do it. The goal? Blend a Nicaraguan that smokes Cohiba-rich; and boy, have they hit the mark. Clad in oily Honduran sun grown Oscuro, this proprietary Cohiba blend is lush to the core making for a spicy, feisty boldness, but still surprises with a [...]


Want a quick smoke without sacrificing flavor or quality? Then the Davidoff Demi-Tasse is for you. These cigarillos are smaller (4×25) but don’t give in to any of it’s bigger brothers cigars. This medium to full-bodied gems will dazzle the taste buds with hint notes of cocoa, leather, cedar, caramel and sweet spice. Strength: Medium-Full Bodied Shape: [...]


Davidoff Nicaragua cigars were inspired by Zino Davidoff’s pioneering spirit, Davidoff’s master blenders went on an exploration for a new type of blend that would stimulate both the bitter and sweet taste buds. Finally, they found it in Nicaragua’s ultra-rich volcanic soil. It took 10 years of patient curing and aging to tame the wilder [...]


The Davidoff Mini Cigarillos Platinum contains an exotic blend wrapped in a beautiful and aromatic Habano seed wrapper from Ecuador. It blends flavors of cedar wood and leather with sublet sweetness and a positive bitterness underline the character of this cigarillo. Strength: Full Bodied Size: 3.43 x 22 Country: Dominican Republic Wrapper Origin: Ecuadorian Wrapper [...]


The Hoyo De Monterrey Excalibur Cigarillo is an authentic Honduran cigar. Born of seed smuggled from Cuba in a diplomatic pouch. Aged and cured in its own time – as nature intended – by the wind and the weather. The Hoyo delivers a bold, straightforward taste. The master cigar makers employ their special talents to [...]


The Hoya de Monterrey Excalibur series is an extremely well-constructed medium to full bodied cigar. Lighter in color than a Cuban cigar as a result of its fine Connecticut Shade wrapper, this cedar-aged cigar is made with a rich Honduran blend that is very much in the Cuban tradition. Strength: Medium Shape: Cigarillo Size: 3 [...]


Created specifically for short smokes to enjoy in full those moments where you only have a short time but want to invest in quality, La Galera Tins with a unique format is the perfect cigar to take the dog for a walk or for a break at work. Strength: Mild-Medium Bodied Country: Dominican Republic Wrapper: [...]