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Foundation El Gueguense cigars are a top-rated line of exceptionally crafted Nicaraguan puros that are full in strength and bursting with flavor. Constructed with the finest vintage binder and long filler tobaccos from the country’s most fertile growing regions, your shoppers will enjoy a bold and satisfying smoke with intense woodsy notes, toffee, tangy spice, [...]

ACID Cigars

ACID Deep Dish Blue


Acid Deep Dish Sumatra (5″ x 58) is a uniquely shaped, box-pressed masterpiece by the famed Drew Estate crew. It’s mild-to-medium in body, and has a unique taste with a tinge of sweetness that Acid is so famous for. If you are a fan of Acid cigars, you definitely want to cross this one off [...]


Acid Kuba Maduro Robusto Infused (5″ x 54) is one of Drew Estate’s top-selling sizes of their Acid lines. It’s a twist on their original Sumatra wrapper. Fans liked the original but shouted, “give us Maduro”. So here we have the Kuba Kuba Maduro. It’s a little sweeter than the Sumatra wrapper and infused with [...]

ACID Cigars

ACID Kuba Kuba Blue


Acid Kuba Kuba Robusto Sumatra Infused cigars (5″ x 54) have often been referred to as “an aromatic powerhouse”. This reputation is due to the secret recipe of botanicals, oils, and herbs that Jonathan Drew uses to infuse super premium tobacco that combines to deliver mild to medium body flavors found nowhere else than an [...]


Acid Kuba Grande Sumatra Infused cigars have often been referred to as “an aromatic powerhouse”. This description is accurate because Acid Kuba cigars are medium body smokes with wonderful infused flavors that fill the palette with delicious aromas. These cigars taste so good; some people are almost tempted to eat them. Indeed, the aromas generated [...]


Acid Atom Maduro Robusto cigars are a combination of full-bodied Nicaraguan tobaccos expertly infused with mild herbal and botanical essences that offer slight floral notes to the richness of the tobacco flavor. Strength: Full Bodied Country: Nicaragua Color: Maduro Flavor: Infused Wrapper Origin: Not Available Wrapper Leaf: Not Available Box Count: 24

ACID Cigars

ACID Blondie Gold


Acid Blue Blondie natural cigars have outstanding aged Nicaraguan Cuban-seed filler tobaccos and are cured in cuarto aromaticos (aroma rooms) that are lined with over 150 natural botanicals, essential oils, herbs & spices. Strength: Medium Bodied Country: Nicaragua Color: Natual Flavor: Infused Wrapper Origin: Indonesian Wrapper Leaf: Sumatra Box Count: 40


Acid Cigars are a unique brand introduced in 1999 and offer a wonderful, herbal, aromatic flavor. Acid cigars use premium tobaccos, botanicals, herbs and essential oils in their secret floral formula to give smokers their best smoking experience. Acid cigars come in strengths from medium to medium-full to full and many have an uncut foot. [...]


ACID Extra Ordinary Larry in a Maduro wrapper is a monster of a smoke. This top-quality big-ringed behemoth explodes with tons of herbal, chocolate, and black cherry flavors. For your customers, Larry is so luscious, it’s like smoking their dessert! Strength: Full Bodied Country: Nicaragua Color: Maduro Flavor: Infused Wrapper Origin: Connecticut Wrapper Leaf: Broadleaf [...]

ACID Cigars

ACID Earthiness


The most full-bodied cigar in the famous Acid lineup, Earthiness tastes exactly like its name implies. The Corona sized gem starts with aged Nicaraguan binder and filler tobaccos covered in an Ecuador Sumatra wrapper. Then in Jonathan Drew fashion, these fully aged sticks are permeated with a secret blend of exotic botanicals and herbal essences. [...]


Undercrown Shade cigars are completely dominating the cigar industry. This silky smooth beauty is the second release in the Undercrown line by Drew Estate, and unlike most movie sequels, this one lives up to this franchise’s legacy. The Shade is made with Dominican Criollo ’98 and Nicaraguan Corojo and Criollo long-fillers, a Sumatran binder, and [...]


The My Father La Antiguedad collection is created with brilliance and a dedication to high standards. Using the finest hand-selected leaves from the famous Garcia family farm in Nicaragua, each cigar also features a Corojo/Criollo double binder and perfectly aged Nicaraguan long-fillers. This amazing medium-to-full body smoke is available in counts of 20. Strength: Medium-Full [...]