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Acid 1400cc Natural Tubos cigars combine a smooth Connecticut shade wrapper and premium Nicaraguan long filler with a secret blend of over 140 herbal and botanical essences to create a unique aromatic and flavorful mild smoke. The glass tubes protect your cigars and seal in their flavor until you’re ready to enjoy them! Flavor: Infused Origin: Nicaragua [...]

ACID Cigars

ACID Blondie Gold


Acid Blue Blondie natural cigars have outstanding aged Nicaraguan Cuban-seed filler tobaccos and are cured in cuarto aromaticos (aroma rooms) that are lined with over 150 natural botanicals, essential oils, herbs & spices. Strength: Medium Bodied Country: Nicaragua Color: Natual Flavor: Infused Wrapper Origin: Indonesian Wrapper Leaf: Sumatra Box Count: 40

ACID Cigars

ACID Deep Dish Blue


Acid Deep Dish Sumatra (5″ x 58) is a uniquely shaped, box-pressed masterpiece by the famed Drew Estate crew. It’s mild-to-medium in body, and has a unique taste with a tinge of sweetness that Acid is so famous for. If you are a fan of Acid cigars, you definitely want to cross this one off [...]


ACID Cigars

ACID Gold Toast


Gold Toast is a popular choice for ACID fans looking for medium to full-bodied flavor and a slightly more traditional taste. A medium-brown Connecticut shade wrapper imparts a toasty and nutty tobacco flavor that dominates yet complements the secret blend of herbs, essential oils, and spices within. Strength: Medium-Full Bodied Country: Nicaragua Color: Maduro Flavor: [...]

ACID Cigars

ACID Krush Green


The Acid Krush Candela cigar pairs a gorgeous green Candela leaf over the one-of-a-kind aromatic infused Nicaraguan tobaccos that Acid fans have come to love. Mellow to medium in body, radically delicious, and satisfyingly sweet. Get yours now! Strength: Mild-Medium Bodied Shape: Cigarillo Size: 4 x 32 Country: Nicaragua Color: Claro Flavor: Infused Wrapper Origin: Not [...]


Acid Kuba Grande Sumatra Infused cigars have often been referred to as “an aromatic powerhouse”. This description is accurate because Acid Kuba cigars are medium body smokes with wonderful infused flavors that fill the palette with delicious aromas. These cigars taste so good; some people are almost tempted to eat them. Indeed, the aromas generated [...]


Acid Kuba Maduro Robusto Infused (5″ x 54) is one of Drew Estate’s top-selling sizes of their Acid lines. It’s a twist on their original Sumatra wrapper. Fans liked the original but shouted, “give us Maduro”. So here we have the Kuba Kuba Maduro. It’s a little sweeter than the Sumatra wrapper and infused with [...]

AJ Fernandez Cigars

AJ Fernandez Last Call Habano


Meet A.J. Fernandez cigar definition of a nightcap. Handmade in Esteli, this Nicaraguan puro might be short, but you’d be crazy to think it doesn’t pack a punch. Booming with notes of roasted nut flavors, spice, and unique creamy, woodsy notes. Strength: Medium-Full Bodied Country: Nicaragua Wrapper Origin: Ecuadorian Wrapper Leaf: Habano Box Count: 25

AJ Fernandez Cigars

AJ Fernandez Last Call Maduro


Meet A.J. Fernandez cigar definition of a nightcap. Handmade in Esteli, this Nicaraguan puro might be short, but you’d be crazy to think it doesn’t pack a punch. Similar to the Habano version the Maduro is just donned in a Pennsylvania Broadleaf Maduro wrapper that’s silky-smooth in all the right ways. Lighting this one up, you’ll [...]

Alec Bradley Cigars

Alec Bradley American Sun Grown


If you’re looking for an affordable yet premium everyday smoke, this cigar is the one for you. Handcrafted in Nicaragua, using vintage filler and a spicy Nicaraguan sun-grown wrapper, the American sun grown delivers on all levels. Delicious, spicy, rich, and well-priced, these are the characteristics of a fantastic cigar. Strength: Medium-Full Bodied Country: Nicaragua [...]


Alec Bradley Black Market Estelí is a premium handmade masterpiece that highlights a dark and oily Nicaraguan wrapper over perfectly aged Honduran and Nicaraguan tobaccos. Medium to full-bodied, this rich, Cuban style cigar provides a bounty of spice, earth, and pepper flavors, accented with soothing notes of cashews, coffee, and sweet cream. Strength: Medium-Full Bodied [...]


In honor of the company’s namesakes, Alec Bradley has created another classic cigar. This cigar uses premium Honduran and Nicaraguan tobaccos and is wrapped by an Oily Honduran Trojes wrapper. Notes of spice with hints of wood, these flavors come together to create another masterpiece from Alan Rubin and his team. Strength: Medium Bodied Country: Honduras [...]