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This short, fat pregnant Rothschild is the fullest bodied blend in the whole Nub premium handmade cigar stable. Maduro lovers just can’t get enough of its rich mouthwatering, in your face flavors, that include dark chocolate, coffee, sweet spice, and caramel. Elegantly presented in boxes of 12 aluminum tubed cigars. Strength: Full Bodied Country: Nicaragua [...]


Underneath a fancy aromatic cedar-lined tube resides a lustrous, light chocolate-brown wrapper and the finest aged tobaccos from the fertile soils of Nicaragua. The Nub 460 Habano Tubo, packaged in a box of 12, is medium to full-bodied with intense flavors of nuts cedar, espresso, and cream that remain true to character throughout the course [...]


A buttery smooth Connecticut wrapper makes the nub Connecticut 460, packaged in a box of 12 Aluminum Tubes, a kinder and gentler edition to this vastly popular line. Get ready to hit the sweet spot, the moment you light up, and let the tantalizing flavors of earth, spice, coffee, and cedar serenade your palate. Strength: [...]


The game-changing shape and size of the nub premium handmade cigar, packaged in a box of 12, is wearing a toasty and toothy African Cameroon wrapper for this line extension. Underneath a very colorful aluminum tube, resides a medium bodied little fireplug that is brimming with tantalizing flavors of earth, spice and rich top notes [...]