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La Aurora Announces Best Sellers 2024 Sampler Pack

La Aurora USA announces the Best Sellers 2024 Sampler Pack, a collection of 10 of the brand’s top-rated cigars.
The Best Seller package ($120) features two Toro cigars from the 120th Anniversary, the 107 Nicaragua, ADN Dominicano, Cameroon 1903 Time Capsule Series, and the Connecticut 1987 Time Capsule Series.

The box that holds the ten toros pays homage to the cultural heritage of Santiago de los Caballeros. It is adorned with intricate sketches of iconic Dominican figures: a couple dancing the folkloric merengue beneath the Monumento de la Restauración, and the lechón from the city’s February carnival. The national bird, La Cigüa Palmera, is depicted alongside cacao fruits, coffee beans, and tobacco plants, symbolizing the area’s agricultural bounty. A farmer working the fields and the facade of the original factory are also illustrated, all under the sun.

“Tobacco is inextricably linked to our Dominican culture and economy. As a result, it has received designation as the National Cultural Patrimony of the Dominican Republic. This box is a way to honor that designation,” Iturbides Zaldivar, director of marketing and sales at La Aurora, said in a press release. “Originally only available to those who visited us here at the factory store in Santiago, it is the perfect way to bring a taste of the Dominican Republic to the United States and spark interest amongst U.S. consumers into the rich culture that supports the cigars they love.”

La Aurora 2024 Best Sellers Sampler Packis expected to start shipping to retailers in early June.

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