Monthly Archives: June 2024

Taking It To The Nub – Season 5 – LaVega Cigars – Aaron Paoletta

In this episode of Taking It To The Nub, Boston Jimmie from Stogie Press has [...]

Viaje Birthday Blend Collector’s Edition Maduro

For the first time in the history of the Viaje Birthday Blend, the company released [...]

Smoking Jacket Mini Henkie

The original Henkie came out in 2017; seven years later, the Mini Henkie reflects the [...]

First Kosovo CSWC Qualifier at New Club Mareva

Kosovo is the latest addition to the Cigar Smoking World Championship circuit, and unsurprisingly the [...]

Supreme Court Overturns Chevron Deference, a Likely Hit to FDA’s Tobacco Regulatory Authority

Today’s landmark ruling will almost certainly limit the FDA’s ability to regulate tobacco products, including [...]

SP1014 Silver Slated for Mid-July Release

Sanj Patel has a new collaborator for this third SP1014 line, working with Art Garcia [...]

Battleground Cigars Adds Perfecto to OPK Fire Line

The “cult favorite” line returned in 2023 after several years being on hiatus. Now, the [...]

J.C. Newman Releases The American Limited Edition Leather Case 2024

This is the third year in a row that J.C. Newman has teamed up with [...]

Cigar News: E.P. Carrillo Announces Encore Noir with Exclusive Event at Two Guys Smoke Shop

E.P. Carrillo has announced the United States Release of Encore Noir with Exclusive Event at [...]

Supreme Court Overturns Chevron Deference

By Cody Carden Earlier today, the Supreme Court published their decision in Loper Bright v. Raimondo, a [...]

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