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ACID Extra Ordinary Larry in a Maduro wrapper is a monster of a smoke. This top-quality big-ringed behemoth explodes with tons of herbal, chocolate, and black cherry flavors. For your customers, Larry is so luscious, it’s like smoking their dessert! Strength: Full Bodied Country: Nicaragua Color: Maduro Flavor: Infused Wrapper Origin: Connecticut Wrapper Leaf: Broadleaf [...]

ACID Cigars

ACID Earthiness


The most full-bodied cigar in the famous Acid lineup, Earthiness tastes exactly like its name implies. The Corona sized gem starts with aged Nicaraguan binder and filler tobaccos covered in an Ecuador Sumatra wrapper. Then in Jonathan Drew fashion, these fully aged sticks are permeated with a secret blend of exotic botanicals and herbal essences. [...]

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Cohiba Blue


A sterling new line extension to one of the world’s most famous brands, Cohiba Blue cigars come proudly displayed in eye-catching bright blue boxes. Inside you will find 20 flawless parejo’s covered in gorgeous silky smooth wrappers atop a three-nation blend of the finest aged binder and filler to tobaccos. Medium body in strength, Cohiba [...]

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Liga Undercrown Shade


Undercrown Shade cigars are completely dominating the cigar industry. This silky smooth beauty is the second release in the Undercrown line by Drew Estate, and unlike most movie sequels, this one lives up to this franchise’s legacy. The Shade is made with Dominican Criollo ’98 and Nicaraguan Corojo and Criollo long-fillers, a Sumatran binder, and [...]

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Liga Undercrown


A sleek and very oily cigar, these parejos were originally created by Drew Estate’s expert rollers for their own personal enjoyment. Realizing these were too delicious to keep in-house, the company unleashed them to the public, and seemingly overnight, they became in extraordinarily high demand thanks to a bevy of rich, lush notes of coffee, [...]

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Diamond Crown Maduro


The Diamond Crown Maduro cigar— a masterful ultra-premium creation from the famed Carlos Fuente and the late, great Stanford Newman— sets a standard of luxury that serious aficionados the world over have come to love. Meticulously handmade with a decadent blend of aged Dominican fillers surrounded by a double-fermented Connecticut shade Maduro wrapper. Your customers [...]

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Diamond Crown Natural


The Diamond Crown premium luxury cigar is handmade with a delicate yet decadent blend of Dominican top-quality tobaccos surrounded by a double-fermented Connecticut shade natural wrapper leaf of velvety-soft light brown. With a mild-to-medium-bodied strength profile, the Diamond Crown natural offers creamy and compelling characteristics within a rich and rewarding premium cigar. Strength: Mild-Medium Bodied [...]

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Diamond Crown Maximus


Packed in boxes of 20 cigars, the Diamond Crown Maximus, like all cigars in the limited-edition Diamond Crown Maximus collection, is handcrafted with the boldest and heartiest dark Dominican long-filler leaf from the upper-corona portion of the premium plants cultivated at the esteemed Oliva family’s El Bajo farm. Finished with a sun-grown Ecuadorian EMS wrapper [...]


The super-premium Diamond Crown Julius Caeser truly lives up to its name. A tribute cigar created to celebrate J.C. Newman Cigar Company’s 115th Anniversary, this medium-bodied marvel is covered with an Ecuadorian Havana-seed wrapper and a savory blend of smooth, yet robust, Caribbean Basin and Central American fillers. The result is a bold, rich, and [...]

Camacho Cigars

Camacho Ecuador


A unique and exotic long-burning smoke, this Camacho cigar has strength and flavor. It uses premium ligero fillers from the Dominican Republic and Honduras as well as a flavorful Brazilian leaf for the binder. It’s the Ecuadorian Habano wrapper that really gives this cigar its taste; a beautiful mix of pepper, citrus, and spice. Strength: Full Bodied [...]

Camacho Cigars

Camacho Criollo


This cigar is a true medium body. It utilizes an amazing combination of tobaccos. Honduran Criollo and Dominican Piloto Cubano make up the filler giving it a nice sweet taste. The Criollo 98 wrapper adds that touch of spice that really balances out the cigar. Strength: Medium Bodied Country: Honduras Color: Natural Wrapper Origin: Honduran [...]

Camacho Cigars

Camacho Corojo


A big smoke with even bigger flavor, this smoke has some kick to it. It only uses vintage Honduran Corojo tobacco to make it one of the world’s only cigars to do so. It is bold and spicy with hints of chocolate and fruit but definitely a sit-down and relax-kind of the cigar. Strength: Full Bodied Country: Honduras [...]