United Connecticut Set to Release at the PCA Show in Las Vegas

United Connecticut announced to release at the PCA Show in Las Vegas. After years of market research and development, United Cigars had broken the code to deliver a line extension that shatters the cigar industry frontier. Thinking outside the box, United Cigars found themselves with bales of Ecuador Connecticut Shade gold. As if the Merchant Royal herself rose up from her watery grave, United Cigars discovered a wrapper that had greater value than the $1 Billion lost cargo. 

Using higher primings for the wrapper, United Cigars found the best wrapper to compliment the United blend of Dominican tobaccos. In particular, the use of Dominican Broadleaf in the filler opens an arena of body and complexity that the Ecuador Connecticut Shade wrapper rides alongside with for a fantastic voyage. Shipping to retailers in boxes of 20 cigars, the United Connecticut will begin reaching shelves the beginning of April. 

“We originally crafted the United blend around beautiful Dominican Broadleaf tobacco,” said Oliver Nivaud of United Cigars. “Working with a superior wrapper, as oily and elegant as this, only made this blend graduate to the next level.” 

Expect United Cigars to keep these cigar lover friendly prices under budget with their Robusto 5 x 54, Toro 6 x 54 and Churchill 7 x 54 ringing in at an MSRP of $7, $8 and $9 respectfully. 

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