Oliva x Paul Montag: A Dazzling Duet

Piano album accompanies the Serie V Melanio Gran Toro Limited Edition 2024 experience.

Oliva has partnered with piano recording artist Paul Montag for the Serie V Melanio Gran Toro, with Montag recording a 45-minute album in December –  #dontsmokebutenjoy –  while smoking the cigar. The 5.5 x 60 Gran Toro features the same Serie V Melanio wrapper, filler, and binder, with the added artistic touch of the new LP, now available on streaming services. 

The idea came from a conversation between Montag and Fred Vandermarliere, CEO of VCF, the mother company of Oliva Cigar Company. They talked about the introspective power of both classical music and cigars. 

 “Music goes to the very depth of a person’s soul, and cigars enable us to achieve a sense of plenitude through a form of introspection,” Montag said in a press release. “It’s a unique experience that all aficionados will now be able to enjoy.”

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