Karen Berger Cigars Adds Pyramid and Grande Sizes

Karen Berger is a formidable woman. When she was 18, she became a cigar roller in a Nicaraguan factory where she met Kiki Berger, the man who would become her husband and the person who would teach her the intricacies of not only making cigars but also the complicated details of running a cigar factory. Since “Don Kiki” died at the age of 56 in 2014, Karen has kept his legacy alive through continuing in the cigar business as the owner of Karen Berger Cigars.

Known for producing cigars of exceptional quality and flavor, Karen Berger’s cigars are meticulously handcrafted with only the finest tobaccos to ensure exceptional smoking experiences. This year at the PCA Show, Berger Pyramid sizes (6 x 52) for each of the K by Karen Berger lines—Cameroon, Connecticut, Habano and Maduro. Additionally, she released Grande sizes (6 x 60) for the Habano and Maduro versions of K by Karen Berger.

All of the new cigars are packaged in 20-count boxes and are now available to retailers everywhere.

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