Celebrating the SOTL Global Movement and Rum Culture in Dallas

At the heart of the SOTL Global Movement, Dallas stood out with its strong sense of excitement and friendship during the TEXAS RUM FEST & SGM VIP Event. This unique and lively event brought together lovers of fine cigars, premium rum, and a strong sense of community.

This gathering was all about celebrating the Sisters of the Leaf (SOTL) Global Movement & Dallas Smoke Fest, which focuses on the appreciation of cigars and creating a welcoming, diverse environment.

The highlight of the event was not only the amazing camaraderie but also the introduction of Karen Berger cigars, which added a special touch to the rum tasting experience. The atmosphere was one of inclusivity, with everyone playing a part in celebrating the global cigar culture.

Key to the event’s success were remarkable women like Roz, who made history by opening the first African American woman-owned cigar lounge in Texas. Her lounge’s friendly vibe set the perfect tone for the entire gathering. “I’m so excited to announce that I’m also the 1st African American Female to EVER be in the State Fair of Texas with a Cigar Lounge and also my cigar lounge has been nominated by SOTL Global Movement as one of the 1st  women friendly lounges in the world.

The Co hostesses of SOTL Global Movement at this event were the dedicated members of SGM:

Maya Queen, CCST, whose passion for Cigars started at an early age, as her grandmother used to smoke her Cigars while telling her stories. She is  currently Brand Ambassador for Karen Berger Cigars in Texas. “ I love my role as Ambassador & active member of SOTL Global Movement cause  I’m able to network and connect with people and to empower more women” Maya says
Michelle Austin, a CCST, owner of CUT LIGHT and SMOKE. Though her side job offers 10 different types of cigars and she has a merchandise line that offers hats, t-shirts, glassware and tumblers, and a line of cigar accessories including custom cigar boxes and ashtrays. From there donated the material at the event of SOTL Global Movement. “I want to continue building the elegance, relaxation, “Boss”, and empowerment feeling around my brand”

MsToya Goody, is the passionate founder of CIGARZARESEXY, a luxury cigar and lifestyle blog, which  provides a platform for women to explore their love for cigars in style. “Through culture, education, and support, we aim to empower fellow women to achieve their goals within this incredible industry” she says

The event also featured special guests like 2 of the first SOTL Global Movement Members:  Keya McClain & Αyoke Milan.

Keya is a poet, author, journaling coach, speaker and podcast host working with women to thrive and heal by journaling, poetry and storytelling. ” My experience at the Rum Fest and SOTL Global Movement event was inclusive, positive and supportive. Being in the company of passionate and dedicated women is always an inspiration. Frederico was welcoming, inviting and generous, which created an atmosphere of overwhelming support and enthusiasm. Roz was a great host and a true empowering leader of the cigar community and culture”

Ayoke, CCST, is the founder of Smokin Haute, SDA, Global Connection, Cigar Feen, KEY Builders. She says:

“ I am deeply grateful for the opportunity to join the Sisters of the Leaf Global Movement in fellowship. The day was filled with wonderful experiences, beginning with the Texas Rum Festival featuring tastings and enriching educational sessions. The evening was particularly special as we celebrated Roz Stafford-Grady, a remarkable SOTL member and the proprietor of the Smoking Jacket Cigar Lounge. Dr. Anastasia Posmiadi, I extend my heartfelt thanks to you for inviting me to be a part of your vision. Your dedication to uniting the Cigar Culture and honoring the exceptional women who contribute to it worldwide is truly inspiring. It was an honor to witness the spirit of unity and camaraderie that defines this movement”.

Worth  mentioning  is the vibrant contributions of the Special Guests, The organizing committee of Dallas Smoke Fest, whose energy and enthusiasm played a significant role in making the event memorable.

Figures such as Tommi, Kimoni, Sher Juan, and Nikki were singled out for their impactful presence.

“To be part of the introduction of two brands created by two women who dared to act on a dream, SOTLGM and Smoking Jacket, was a phoenomnial experience.  Michelle, Toya and Maya were phoenominal hostesses as well.  I look forward to what each of you will accomplish next!”  ~Tommie of Cu’Noma Cigar Lounge~

“I think the Texas Rumfest was awesome. I’m not a big drinker but I enjoyed the tasting. I would advise everyone to eat something before you go lol. But overall we met some great people   n I loved the way SOTL celebrated my sis Roz The Queen of The South. Epic day for the culture” Kimoni Jackson, CEO Dallas Smoke Fest

“The Texas Rum Festival exceeded my expectations, transforming my perspective on rum despite not being a regular drinker. With a diverse array of offerings to suit every taste, the event enlightened me on rum production and various facts previously unknown to me. I wholeheartedly recommend attending next year’s festival for an enriching and enjoyable experience. The SOTL Global Movement celebrated the owner of Smoking Jacket Cigar Lounge, Roz, with an unforgettable after party filled with heartfelt speeches, rum tasting, and premium cigars. It was a night of camaraderie and appreciation” Nikki Morris, Absolute Cigars

“I had a phenomenal time at the Texas rum festival. I have a new found appreciation for Rum. Thank you to The SOTL Global Movement for inviting me to this amazing event. I can’t wait to see what’s ahead for our culture and what involvement and impact the SOTL will have not only in our Dallas Community but all round the world” SherJuan Mims, Heart of a Lion Cigars

“The collaboration between SOTLGM and DSF is one that was not only a dream, but a success. Not successful in the monetary sense… but successful in networking, business ventures and most of all…SUPPORT. We are humbled and grateful and partners forever”! Chere Smith,   Co-owner Dallas Leaf LLC

Federico J. Hernández, the founder of The Rum Lab, is renowned for his passion for rum culture, serving as an exceptional host of the Texas Rum Fest and a significant partner of the SOTL GLOBAL MOVEMENT. His friendly nature and unique smile make him stand out in the industry.

This Dallas event wasn’t just a local celebration; it was a significant moment for the global appreciation of cigars and rum, promising a future filled with diversity, unity, and shared passions.

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