Cigar Oasis DELTA

Cigar Oasis unveiled their new product, “DELTA” to the cigar industry at the PCA trade show in March 2024 in Las Vegas.  

Tailored for commercial cabinet humidors Delta represents a leap forward in strength, building upon the legacy of the highly acclaimed Magna 3.0.

The Delta unit leverages the industry-leading technology of the Magna 3.0, integrating remote and sensor hardware with a more powerful base module. This innovative combination ensures a higher output, making it ideal for larger capacity humidor spaces (up to 80 Cubic ft). Additionally, the Delta units are equipped with on board Wi-Fi technology and can be linked to Cigar Oasis Smart Humidor app service. 

The name “Delta” was carefully chosen to reflect the essence of Cigar Oasis’ humidification process. Just as a delta connects rivers to Oceans, the Delta by Cigar Oasis bridge’s capabilities of its Magna 3.0 and Humizone for walk-in humidors (launched in 2021). This product launch solidifies Cigar Oasis’ commitment to delivering exceptional humidification solutions.

Moreover, the name “Delta” utilizes the Greek symbol paying homage to the esteemed legacy of our company founder, Albert Foundos who lived in Greece for some time after leaving Albania and still has family there today says Donna Foundos-Oswald, company President. The icing on the cake, Al preferred travel with Delta Airlines. 

By incorporating these meaningful elements into the product’s nomenclature, Cigar Oasis celebrates the honor and legacy of its visionary founder.

Dan Barranco, Senior Business Analyst for Cigar Oasis, expressed his excitement about the Delta unit, stating, “it’s rare in an accessory space to have the opportunity to infuse honor, legacy, and a touch of fun into the naming process. The Delta unit is a special way for us to pay tribute to Al and the incredible journey he embarked on nearly three decades ago.

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