Chateau Diadem Expanding Global Presence

Chateau Diadem proudly announces its expansion into new markets, strengthening its global presence and bringing its offerings to even more enthusiasts: 

Brazil: As of April 1st, Chateau Diadem is proudly distributed in Brazil through a partnership with ROLO TABAK Comércio e Distribuição Ltda. 

Italy: On April 19th, Amedeo Canale of Italia Cigar Company Srl and influencer Silvia Zanovello will host a Chateau Diadem pre-launch event with co-founder Emily Sahakian. Official availability throughout Italy via Italia Cigar Company Srl commences on May 1st. Italy will mark the debut of their new full-color packaging, adding a vibrant touch to cigar shelves across the country. 

Poland: Starting May 1st, Chateau Diadem will be available in Poland, distributed by M&P Alkohole Wina Cygara, expanding their reach further into Eastern Europe. 

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