Durango Smoke Shop | Durango, Colorado

Do yourself a favor when in Colorado and take the Million Dollar Highway south to the utopian village known as Durango. This stretch of road is like nothing you have ever seen. It winds through the mountain tops of the Rockies at 10,000 feet of altitude and gives you a breathtaking perspective on how beautiful this part of the world is to the eye. When you reach Durango, you will experience an incredibly well put together town that has as much beauty in its people as it does the surrounding nature. Right in the middle of Durango lies Durango Smoke Shop, which beyond being a great tobacco shop, is just an overall fun place to be.

The centerpiece of Durango Smoke Shop is the owner Courtney Callahan. She will keep you in stitches as you find the smoke of your choice and relax outside on the patio and enjoy the gorgeous surroundings with great company from the regulars. Courtney has a cigar lounge that mimics her cool personality and spontaneous behavior. It is impossible not to have a good time here.

After your day on the mountain doing whichever activity you prefer, come down the Million Bucks Highway and visit Durango Smoke Shop. Go in the humidor and grab a stick and let Courtney show you the eclectically designed shop. Find a hidden passageway, pet Charlie the house dog, and retire to the patio and hoot it up with the people. If you do or say something particularly epic, you will wind up in Courtney’s deck journal, immortalized for all time!

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