Le Petit – Kentron by German Engineered Cigars x Les Fines Lames

Developed by Les Fines Lames and German Engineered Cigars, Le Petit – Kentron exemplifies the pinnacle of 3D printing, as used in advanced rocketry and F1 technology. Following biomimetics, a design inspired by nature, it resembles the intricate structure of a tobacco leaf. The result is unparalleled stability and a pleasing and secure grip. 

The Kentron is a visionary cigar accessory, representing German Engineered Cigars at its simplest and best, with a French touch of elegance and sharpness.
MSRP: $179 / €179

“Our connection with our German neighbors, Klaas and Jan, has always revolved around the spirit of sharing. The inception of this collaborative idea occurred in Vegas during PCA 2022, where we shared a booth at the tradeshow. From these conversations emerged a high-quality product designed in harmony with the KENTRON line of unique accessories that German Engineered Cigars propose.“ – Pierre Jourdan, Creative Director and Founder of LES FINES LAMES

“’Engineering as an art‘ is a principle we share with our French colleagues at LES FINES LAMES. This shared vision sparked the creation of LE PETIT – KENTRON, a symbol of true friendship. It blends traditional craftsmanship and avant-garde technology and shows what happens when creative minds and skilled hands come together across borders. We are excited to unveil LE PETIT – KENTRON, a tribute to French-German excellence.” – Oliver Nickels, Co-Founder and Chief Cigar Engineer of German Engineered Cigars

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