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Statesman Cigar Co. The Statesman – Blind Cigar Review

“I just love a good perfecto! Not only do they feel right in my hand, they look dapper and honestly remind me of the cigars you would see in classic cartoons. They also happen to be my favorite vitola so when I reached in the humidor and pulled this one out I was more than excited! Thankfully the experience lived up to my expectations. Aside from a couple of touchups needed to correct a wonky burn, my biggest gripe by far was the tight draw that hindered smoke output and muted the flavors throughout the first third. Thankfully a little chomping on the cap loosened everything up and the final two thirds of this smoke was absolutely superb! Not only were the flavors right in my wheel house, they were well balanced and perfectly complex while the smoke itself was nothing but smooth from start to finish. I can only imagine that a better draw would have improved the first third experience and would make an already great cigar just that much better. I can’t wait to test this assumption and will undoubtedly be seeking out this stick once it is revealed.” -Noah S. (Noah)

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