Canada and the Netherlands Join the CSWC

Just days after the dates for the different qualification events around the world were presented at the Cigar Smoking World Championship draft night, two more countries were added while one canceled. The newcomers are the Netherlands and Canada.

 “The inclusion of these nations not only expands the global reach of the championship, it also promises to introduce fresh talent and diverse smoking techniques to the competition,” CSWC founder Marko Bilic says.

The latter addition means there are now three North American countries participating, the other two being the Dominican Republic and the US. On the other end, Serbia has had to cancel due to organizational challenges.

“Despite this setback, the CSWC Season 2024 remains poised to deliver an unforgettable showcase of smoking prowess and camaraderie,” Bilic continues. “The stage is set for an exhilarating tournament filled with surprises, drama, and unforgettable moments.”

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