Afterburner Cigar Lounge | Lillington, North Carolina

Nick Jones and Eric Brewington have put together a spectacular cigar lounge in Lillington, North Carolina called Afterburner Cigar Lounge. Afterburner sits at the confluence of being Native-American, Veteran and family owned as it also is a piece of military history. The building is a former Quonset Hut, which would store military aircraft for the US Army. Today it is an oasis of smoke, drinks and good company as it hosts many lovers of the leaf between Fayetteville and the Raleigh/Durham area.

This neighborhood, family-friendly lounge serves local craft beers in addition to wines and specialty soft drinks. There is art on the walls from local artists which adds to the North Carolina flair. Everything in the lounge revolves around setting the perfect environment for smoking a cigar. There are tvs that are set to music, and very pleasing aesthetics to support the concept of relaxation and conversation.

When you are at Afterburner Cigar Lounge, you will be adding to a tradition that started when Eric was in in the Air Force and would watch his superiors smoking cigars as they were making important decisions, to long missions in Iraq where the boys would smoke whatever cigar, usually dry from the desert, and contemplate what future days would be like, to you enjoying the cigar of your choice in this outstanding establishment.

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