La Aurora Small Batch Lot No. 003 – Blind Cigar Review

“The worst thing I have to say about a cigar is that I had to use my torch a handful of times to maintain a wonky burn. Beyond that, this stick lent me an immensely pleasant and relaxing smoking experience which was just the thing I needed this morning. From the first puff to the very last I experienced a simple yet robust gambit of flavors that were never out of balance with one another and just so happened to be right in my wheelhouse of what I prefer in a flavor profile. The smoke itself was luxuriously smooth and never harsh while the draw was virtually perfect. Only one major transition took place which for me always amps up the overall smoking experience because I don’t have to overthink what I am experiencing. A solid nicotine buzz was just the cherry on top of a stellar smoke. I can’t wait to smoke this one again!” -Noah S. (Noah)

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