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Manifatture Sigaro Toscano has put some interesting releases on the market in recent months which will be described below.

Toscano Master Aged Collection

Toscano Master Aged cigars have a range of Premium cigars with a unique production process managed by a specialized “refiner” and an extra maturation. 

Toscano Master Aged cigars are now produced in four different varieties (Series) consisting of Italian and American tobacco mixed in different wrapper and filler combinations, providing each cigar with a unique taste and smoking experience. 

Toscano Master Aged was born from an idea of the Toscano Master Blender to create a unique making process with an extra maturation period, managed by a specialized ‘affinatore’ (refiner).

Starting from the fifth day of maturation, the product is daily checked for specific humidity and temperature standards. These standards must be constantly maintained to ensure absolute perfection. The entire maturation process lasts for a minimum of 360 days in special maturation cells, dedicated to these blends.  

The constant care of the ‘affinatore’ (a highly experienced cigar blender) ensures the highest quality cigars, with a well-rounded, balanced, and unique taste.

The 100% Kentucky seed fire cured tobacco used for the Toscano Master Aged Series has an elongated drying process that supersedes that of the standard Toscano Cigar.

Toscano Master Aged cigars are produced in three different varieties consisting of Italian and American tobacco mixed in different wrapper and filler combinations, providing each cigar with a unique taste and smoking experience.

Toscano Italia presented at the PCA

MST is proud to announce the launch of the Toscano Italia cigar: a cigar rolled with precision and passion in their Lucca factory from 100% Italian Kentucky Seed tobacco. 

The light cigar in a version with a more pronounced belly that captures its unique taste, created by a blend of predominantly Kentucky tobacco from Benevento.

This was made possible only thanks to the agreements signed between Manifatture Sigaro Toscano and ONT (National Tobacco Organization) in June 2018 for the development of a supply chain for the tobacco of the area of Benevento.

This cigar’s wrapper is made of a selection of the best leaves of Kentucky tobacco from Italy with soft texture.

These are complemented by a rich filler blend, mostly with tobaccos from the area of Benevento.

The filler is completed and balanced by a small portion of tropical Kentucky tobaccos.

Toscano del Presidente Amerigo Vespucci

Dark and uniform in colour, it comes from the hands of the cigar maker in an innovative mezzanine format with unusual belly and tip dimensions. A unique artefact celebrating the Italian character of tobacco and the art of handmade Toscano cigars.

An innovative cigar right from the shape: an 18 mm wrapper, 13 mm tips and 90 mm length. The interior is composed of a blend of American Tennessee and Kentucky tobaccos, cured by fire for more than 30 days in oak and American walnut woods and balanced with selected Italian tobaccos of priority origin from Tuscany.

The real innovation is in the use of fermented Italian Valtiberina wrapper in a magnum size mezzanine: the micro-fermentations deriving from the first process of preparing the wrapper are contributed to by the maturation of at least 12 months from naked, which favours additional micro-fermentations of the cigar.

When smoked, the magnum size of this cigar enhances the organoleptic characteristics of the selected tobacco filler. The use of the wrapper from the Val Tiberina, subjected to the exclusive fermentation process, softening the rough characteristics typical of Italian tobacco, further enhances the strong but harmonious taste of the filling, allowing you to savour the complexity of the typical notes of fire-cured tobacco, for a unique and satisfying smoking experience.

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