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J.C. Newman shows the collector’s edition Left Bank Café

J.C. Newman’s booth is always impressive: the iconic El Reloj cigar factory has become a landmark at cigar trade shows.

Drew Newman: “We have rebuilt our legendary El Reloj cigar factory here in miniature. Among other things, we are showing cigars here at the PCA that are produced there in Tampa. For example, The American, Angel Cuesta and LeRoy Neiman 2024 and our brand new Tampa Smokers.”



Since last year, J.C. Newman has been launching the annual collector’s edition LeRoy Neiman, this year featuring the Left Bank Café of the Newman ancestor.
The cigar is a Churchill, measures 7 x 50; the wrapper comes from Ecuador, the binder is a Florida Sun-grown tobacco, the filler tobaccos come from Nicaragua and the USA.
An interesting and loving detail on the side: if you take all the cigars out of the box – or have smoked them – you will find a speckling of colorful paint: this is what the bottom of artist LeRoy Newman originally looked like.
The cigars will be available from July 2024.



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