The lesson with Steve Saka about Lanceros

We had an informative chat with Steve Saka, Dunbarton Tobacco & Trust, at the trade fair stand. As a blender, he has long since achieved legendary status – and his cigars speak for themselves.

There is an interesting Lancero sampler on the table in front of him and I admit to being a Lancero fan.

“I hate Lanceros and that’s exactly why I launched this sampler,” laughs Saka. “This is the last time in Las Vegas for now, I’m going to miss it a bit – today is day two and it’s been a great show for us so far”, Saka continues.

Saka explains to me that there is a risk with lanceros – due to their length and thinness, the buncher does not press the roll properly when turning it in the mold – simply because it is a very uncomfortable movement for the hands. He shows me how – and is very right.
In addition, there would be little freedom for blending creativity – again due to the thinness.
What is the name of the sampler? – GFY Lancero Collection!

What else? Sin Compromiso No. 4 (5 x 54) was launched off during the 2024 PCA, which is the 9th vitola of the Sin Compromiso family.

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