CSWC is coming to La Réunion

The Cigar Smoking World Championship circuit keeps expanding, this time to what might be the smallest, and most remote and unexpected place of them all. Jerome and Sabrina Monetti of Corita Cigars have decided to bring the competition to the small French Island of La Réunion.

“I am thrilled and honored to see CSWC represented in such a beautiful corner of the world,” founder Marko Bilic says. “The decision to introduce CSWC to Reunion Island reflects the Monettis’ unwavering dedication to fostering community and camaraderie among cigar enthusiasts.”

Located in the Indian Ocean, 800 kilometers (almost 50 miles) east of Madagascar, it’s not the most accessible qualifier of them all, but with a population of almost 900,000 people there’s bound to be enough locals to make it exciting.

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