Embers Cigar Lounge | Branson/Hollister, Missouri

Well known to Americans, but not so much to those from other countries is the city of Branson, Missouri. Here in this Ozark town there are over 100 music venues that play all kinds of music nightly. In addition to country music, one can be very entertained by The Beatles tribute band, Liverpool Legends, or check out Jagger, The Rolling Stones tribute band, as well as many others! Great golf, wineries and breweries, restaurants and shopping make Branson a fun destination for all day and night entertainment.

The Southern border of Branson leads you into the village of Hollister. On Downing Street, which is modeled after the more well-known street in London because of its beautiful English Tudor architecture, lovers of the leaf can find Embers Cigar Lounge. Kevin and Betsy McConnell are the proud owners of this intimate, but beautiful lounge which offers a full bar in addition to a plentiful humidor.

The seating in the lounge sets a very cozy environment. The locals are very friendly and pleasant as they share their neighborhood lounge with the many tourists that come to this area. Sit, drink and smoke and reflect on the day of seeing legends of music be recreated by the extremely talented performers of Branson, or the up and coming country musicians that spawn the landscape. Embers completes the soundtrack of Branson.

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