The Davidoff Monolith Humidor

Davidoff Cigars continues to set a high standard for unparalleled innovation and presents its first humidor made entirely of stone – the Davidoff Monolith Humidor. 

Davidoff Cigars is proud to present its new Monolith Humidor, which is the brand’s first humidor carved from a single piece of stone. Made of Moca Cream limestone, the Monolith offers a safe and odourless home for up to 120 toro cigars. With its naturally beige colour and its tasteful and clean design, the stylish accessory effortlessly enhances every room 

Davidoff’s humidor history is one of innovation: When Zino Davidoff himself invented the first humidor in 1930, he laid the foundation for the brand’s evolution in humidor design. Today, the Davidoff brand can proudly look back on several groundbreaking launches which were well-received in the market. “I am very proud of what we have already achieved in the premium humidor segment until this day. The pure and calm Monolith is a powerful expression of Davidoff’s imagination, inspiration and innovation in accessories design”, says Edward Simon, CMO at Oettinger Davidoff. “Taking a single block of limestone and turning it into a perfectly functioning and stylish humidor was a challenge for the whole team. After years of dedication, I am thrilled to present our aficionados with this truly remarkable piece: a collaboration between Davidoff and the hands of nature that redefines the possibilities of craftsmanship – thinking beyond the practical and embracing the beauty.” 

Craftsmanship was at the centre of the creation of the Monolith. Carved from only one single piece of limestone, the material required a lot of attention, handicraft and expertise to be transformed into a humidor. To ensure a smooth surface and to soften potentially sharp edges, the experts used diamond tools and meticulously shaped the stone and adjusted its form with tolerances as small as tenths of millimetres. After manually brushing and finishing the stone with abrasive paper, they prepared the lid for a wooden frame. The inlaying of this piece of mahogany required utmost precision from the craftsmen as it is made from one single, seamless piece of wood. 

To keep the cigars in perfect condition, the humidor has two Davidoff de Luxe Regulators on the inside of its lid which keep the humidity at 70%-72% rh. To help with sorting, Davidoff equipped the humidor with wooden dividers. Passionados can also find a dedicated space for their accessories such as scissors to have them always at hand when choosing their cigar. Since the lid is very heavy, the humidor features a smooth closing system with dampers, and specially created hinges, both of which support the safe handling of the Monolith for passionados. The Davidoff logo is elegantly engraved on the stone and adorns the humidor with the highest quality award. 

Launch & availability
The new Davidoff Monolith Humidor will be available as of 18 April 2024* at select Davidoff appointed merchants and flagship stores around the world.

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