The XVIII AmiCigar – A Country Smoke Nashville

The XVIII AmiCigar – A Country Smoke is set to ignite Nashville, the vibrant ‘Music City,’ from May 3rd to May 5th, 2024. This exceptional event, hosted with the gracious support of American AmiCigars, spearheaded by local, Darren Cioffi, owner of main sponsor, Principle Cigars, promises an unparalleled experience for cigar passionado worldwide.

Uniting enthusiasts from more than 22 countries, the XVIII AmiCigar – A Country Smoke, celebrates the art of slow smoking amidst the rich tapestry of Tennessee’s cultural heritage, music, and culinary delights. Marking a historic milestone, this year’s gathering marks the first-ever rendition held in the United States, and notably, the inaugural inclusion of ‘new world’ cigars, courtesy of Principle Cigars.

What sets AmiCigar apart is its unwavering commitment to fostering genuine camaraderie, transcending cultural and linguistic barriers to create an inclusive and hospitable atmosphere where every participant feels at home.

Against the backdrop of Nashville’s iconic streets pulsating with the rhythms of local music, attendees will indulge in premium cigar tastings complemented by the distinctive flavors of Tennessee cuisine and the regions renowned libations. This multi-sensory extravaganza promises to leave indelible memories.

Yet, the essence of AmiCigar Country Smoke extends beyond the celebration of individual passions; it serves as a catalyst for forging enduring bonds among people from diverse corners of the globe. Through the exchange of narratives, shared experiences, and expertise, participants will forge authentic friendships, where the harmonies of country music meld seamlessly with the symphony of cigar aromas and flavors.

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