CSWC Collaborates with InterTabac and Orka Group

Right before the start of the season, the Cigar Smoking World Championship has announced two important new partnerships. The first one is with the biggest international cigar fair in the world, InterTabac in Dortmund. As a trial, the CSWC had their first ever booth at the fair last year. Happy with the outcome the parties agreed on a three-year continuation.

“InterTabac is the perfect partner and the ideal stage for our exhibition space,” Marko Bilic, CSWC founder, says. “A large number of cigar enthusiasts are on hand to enjoy fellowship with others, in addition to exchanging ideas on potential business deals. By joining forces, we aim to elevate the cigar experience to new heights and foster a deeper sense of community within the industry.”
According to him the collaboration marks a significant milestone.

“It highlights the recognition of CSWC’s unparalleled influence and reach within the global cigar community. Our expertise in organizing cigar events and our dedication to promoting the art of slow smoking perfectly complements Intertabac’s mission to provide a platform for industry professionals to connect and collaborate.”

Just like last year, winners of national qualifiers will get free tickets to the fair, whose organizers seem equally excited.

“We are delighted to have secured the Cigar Smoking World Championship as a partner to our shows,” Sabine Loos, chief show organizer and managing director of Westfalenhallen, says. “The collaboration underlines once again the great international reputation enjoyed by InterTabac and InterSupply. And of course, the enthusiasm of Marko Bilić and his CSWC team for the enjoyment of cigars in good company, as well as their commitment to bringing people together, align perfectly with our new show slogan; ‘Together for tomorrow’.”

The other collaboration is with the Orka Group, one of the biggest clothing companies in Turkey. The partnership will start at the Grand Final in Split at the end of August, where they will dress up both judges and at least some competitors.

“They will do the judges’ uniforms and design a smoking jacket available for the participants to buy,” Bilić explains. “It will be customized with pockets for cigars and accessories on the inside.”

It will also be possible to sport your nationality on your cigar smoking uniform.

“We’re still working on the details, but maybe you can customize it with a small flag or something. We’re even thinking about creating a sort of competition outfit, like they have in football for example, but on a cigar smoking level. Any which way, it will be fashionable and decent.”

These two collaborations are now added to the list of CSWC partners, which also includes Les Fines Flames, Rocky Patel, Boveda, T. Dupont, Hulecos, Cuervo y Sobrinos and of course, Cigar Journal.

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