Nick Shawnley Early Bird Winner in Denmark

The Cigar World Smoking Championship season officially starts in May, but one country didn’t have the patience to wait that long. On March 16, 60 competitors took to the (probably) Chesterfields at the House of the Serapion Order in Copehagen, and once again, just like last year, Nick Shawnley came out on top. In 2023 it was a very close race between Shawnley and the 2022 winner Michael Iversen. Only 27 seconds set them apart in the end, but this year Shawnley kept his nemesis at a comfortable 20 minute distance. There was even another smoker separating them as Dennis Holme came in second.

This is Shawnley’s third win and with a winning time of 2 hours 1 minute and 4 seconds and about ten more participants, organizer Jesper Pederesen’s double prophecy from last year proved to be right.

“The goal is 60-65 people next year, and since there were a lot of new participants you will probably have to smoke for more than 2 hours to win,” he said then.

Nick Shawnley 02:01:04
Dennis Holme 01:48:18
Michael Iversen 01:42:16

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